Team Pitt Bull


Team Pitt Bull is the creation of Coach Cliff Green.


Cliff Green is a 23-year veteran that has mastered the skill of being a results driven coach and trainer of basketball.  He is adept at teaching the fundamentals of the game as well as finding a way to get the very best out of each player.



  • Attended and played for South Carolina State University
  • Played in the NCAA Tournament
  • Coached Basketball, Track & Field and Baseball for Shroder Paideia 2000-2003
  • Coached Basketball at North College Hill 2004-2005 with players like OJ Mayo and Bill Walker.
  • Currently Coaches serveral AAU teams and a Semi-Pro team.



  • Has worked the trainer for Courts 4 Sports, Sports Plus and Personal Trainers World.
  • Notable players include NBA Players OJ Mayo, Bill Walker and NCAA Players Damon Butler, Justin Orr and Mike Pilgrim.

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